Alloy Wheel Repairs in Leeds

Each one of us wants to keep our alloy wheels looking smooth and shiny, as if they are brand new. We love the glossy look of new wheels and want to retain this look forever, however alloy wheels can get damaged quite easily. Small accidents or little miscalculations can have a heavy toll on your alloy wheels. Getting the entire wheel replaced asks for a hefty amount of money, however it is possible to get these repairs done in a fraction of this replacement money. Moreover, refurbishment of alloy wheels would make them look as good as new. We at alloywheelsrepairsleeds make sure that your rims are restored to their original look. Not only this, but we also ensure that your savings are substantial so that your hard earned money doesn’t get wasted.

Common Problems

There are a number of things that could go wrong and different types of damages that your wheels might incur. These different types have been listed below so that you get acquainted with what is wrong with your alloy wheels and what sort of repair do they require.

1. Backside bends

Potholes, curbs or other road hazards can make you end up with these backside bends. They can either be present on the inner or outer lip of the wheel, the wheel’s face or its spokes.

2. Curb Damage

Driving with a flat tire, coming across road debris or curb rash causes the wheel’s lips, face and spokes to get damaged.

3. Corrosion

At times, your alloy wheels might also get corroded because of road side chemicals, brake dust, salts and other elements of the like kind.

4. Gouges

Your alloy wheels might get subjected to gouges if they come in direct contact with road hazards such as road debris.

5. Cracks

Car accidents or rough impact with road hazards can make cracks appear on the wheel’s surface. We take care of these problems and their consequent repairs. Whether your wheels are buckled, chipped or scuffed, we have several repair options available for you.
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Powder Coating and Diamond Cutting

We specialize in both powder coated and diamond cut finishes. Both these processes are deployed for alloy wheel repairs in Leeds depending upon the individual requirements and preferences of the. Powder coating and diamond cutting pretty much resemble each other in basics. The only difference in the latter method is that hereby a machine cut is given to the wheel to enable it to have a smooth polished look. First of all, the wheel’s lacquer and paint is stripped off. This is generally done by blasting the wheel with hand. Wheels which are in a particularly bad state may have to undergo chemical stripping. This blasting gives way to a smooth metal surface which is all set for coating. Afterwards, dents and damages in the surface of wheels (their lips, front faces and spokes) are addressed. The wheels then undergo a gentle heat treatment which gets rid of any air bubbles present in the alloy. A layer of powder coat is applied after that and is allowed to settle down for some time. Eventually the wheel are allowed to cool down. Furthermore, if the alloy wheels have to be diamond cut, then they are mounted onto a CNC Lathe. These diamond cut wheels are quite vulnerable to corrosion. However, with our state-of-the-art technology and credible expertise, we ensure that you end up with wonderfully satisfying results conjugated with the quickest turnaround time.

Hydrographic Wheels

Not only do our alloy repair options in Leeds comprise of powder coating and diamond cutting but we are also experts of hydrographic wheels. We enable your alloy wheels to look all fresh and enticing with our classic refurbs and carbon dippings. In this process also known as water transfer printing, designs or patterns are molded onto your alloy wheels. Carbon fiber effect is the most common and popular one in hydrographic wheels. It is also termed as carbon dipping. We provide a complete refurbishment and repair service for your alloy wheels in Leeds followed by the hydrographic pattern of your choice. Once the pattern of your choice has been applied onto your alloy wheel, it is finished off with the application of a clear lacquer coat. There is a wide array of designs and hydrographic patterns available for you to choose from. As a corollary you can customize your wheels according to your aesthetic appetite and your individual preferences.

Repairing Cracked Alloy Wheels in Leeds

In addition to these refurbs, we also provide welding services to take care of any cracks in the surface of your alloy wheels. We have skilled technicians present at all times which can have a look at your damaged wheel and assess the type and extent of damage done, whether they be cracks or kerb damage or other stress fractures. Before beginning the welding process, first of all you need to grind the crack from both of its sides. This would pave way for a perfect weld. This is followed by welding the wheel from both of its sides so that it becomes as good as new. This is eventually followed by the grinding down of this weld so as to save the wheels’ insides from any sort of damage.

Repairing Buckled alloy wheels in Leeds

Bent or buckled alloy wheels can be a source of constant worry for you. However, if the rim of your alloy wheel does get bent, this by no way means that you have to replace your entire wheel. Bent/buckled wheels do pose potent problems though such as vibrations, premature wearing down of tyres etc. We can help you fix your buckled alloy wheels in Leeds so that they do not end up being an even bigger problem.

Replacement Tyres

Also, we provide replacement tyres too and fit them for you very carefully and appropriately. If your tyres have worn down then we are here to address the issue for you and replace them in the best possible manner.
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